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Game Installation Files

The single player game can be played on any Windows or Apple computer with the latest version of Adobe AIR installed. This can be downloaded from the Harman website.

If using an Apple computer, please check the "Known Issues" section at the bottom of the Harman download page.

When Adobe AIR is installed, download and install the game:

Game Only (AIR file, 1.3 MB)

Game + Video Tutorials (AIR file, 63 MB)

If you have African Farmer v2.0.2 or earlier installed on your computer, please uninstall before upgrading.

The video tutorials can be viewed here if the Game Only installation is selected. Please note that in the tutorials drag and drop rather than the default click select method is used when manipulating game assets.


Getting Started: a 4-page printable overview of the main screens, game flow, tasks and game options.

Single Player Guide: a comprehensive guide for players covering the user interface, game flow, game features and options.

Educator Guide: an introduction to the game for educators which includes guidance on running a game workshop.

Release Notes: a list of the changes and bug fixes introduced with this release.